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Four Ways to Incorporate a Backdrop into Your Wedding

November 10 2016 – Everyone wants to find the perfect frame for their wedding pictures… but what if you could add the perfect frame to your entire wedding?  

custom-backdropThat’s exactly what backdrops for weddings do. These freestanding graphics, from Best Wedding Backdrops, can be big enough to stand in for an entire wall, while adding dazzling effect to the entire ceremony. They make for amazing photographs, while giving the ceremony or reception a unique feel.  

They’re so versatile too!  You can use them in plenty of ways during your ceremony.

Four Ways to Create a Truly Memorable Wedding with Backdrops

  1. Spice Up Indoor Weddings

custom-wedding-backdropIndoor weddings are trendy, but the problem is always one of adapting the space to fit your wedding dreams. With backdrops, that’s not an issue!  

You can save money by renting an existing design, or go wild with your own customized work printed directly to order. Whether you want to bring the outdoors indoors, create a period-specific mood, or simply add color to drab walls, backdrops for weddings can do it all. It’s also a great way to add flowers to your ceremony, without the expense and difficulty of dealing with hundreds or thousands of actual flowers.  

  1. Take The Indoors Outdoors

Why choose between indoor and outdoor when you could have both? With the right backdrops for weddings, you can have an outdoor ceremony with a backdrop that simulates indoor features, such as brickwork or doors. Or make it look like a small country chapel!

Why? A backdrop gives you so many options for photo-taking. Also, it can add a lot of personality to an outdoor space or potentially cover up something in the background you don’t want appearing in your pictures, like factories or rail depots. It’s hard to find truly pristine outdoor spaces these days, so a strategically-placed backdrop can replace an unsightly view with something a lot more beautiful.

  1. Perfect for Your Head Table

head-table-custom-backdrop-exampleFor longer than anyone can remember, the “only” decorating option for the head table at the reception was drapery. Well, couples today are bucking that trend, looking for something different – and that’s what backdrops can provide. With sizes up to 36 feet wide, they can easily fill the space behind even a large head table, creating a unique atmosphere for the dinner.

The best part is that, with vinyl printed graphics, there’s literally no limit to what you could put onto backdrops for weddings. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality for your ceremony.

  1. Go Social with a Selfie Station

Another modern trend picking up steam is having a dedicated photo booth or selfie station at the wedding. After all, everyone is going to want to have their own snapshots of themselves at your wedding. With the right backdrop, you can create a perfect photo op that everyone can get in on, while also ensuring your own wedding pictures are picture-perfect.

One of the most popular options we see people ask for is a backdrop customized with favorite quotes from the bride and groom. It’s a great way to add a bit more of the couple’s personality to the proceedings, while putting their own stamp on all the pictures that get taken.  

Go Wild with Custom Wedding Backdrops

No matter how you choose to deploy backdrops for weddings, they’re a perfect option for making a wedding ceremony that’s totally you.  

With Best Wedding Backdrops at your side, you can quickly and affordably create the unique vibe your wedding needs, while creating an atmosphere you and your guests will never forget. Contact us today for more details!

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