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Enhancing Your Spring Wedding with The Right Colour Schemes

If you want to design a wedding which makes guests instantly think of spring, it’s all about the colour schemes.  With the right colour scheme underneath your design choices, you can keep a spring theme going throughout the wedding – but without simply slapping flowers on everything.  The colour scheme is what will tie everything together.

There are a lot of ways to mix and match colours to create a spring vibe, but these are some of our favorites that seem to work well every time.

Three Colour Schemes Which Are Perfect for Spring Weddings

1 – The Rosy Wedding

Roses are the flower of love and passion, so they’re a natural fit for weddings.  However, they can present a bit of a challenge since it’s not typical to have a lot of red colours at a wedding and can be considered bad luck.  The solution is to lean heavily on shades of pink.

Our rosy sign template is built around this idea – lots of pink hues, but few actually crossing over into red.  Then they can be brought out with white backgrounds and maybe just a hint of other pastels.

2 – The Wildflower Wedding

If you want a flower-themed spring wedding colour scheme, the other option is to shoot for a more naturalistic look by having colours which match blooming wildflowers.  This means lots of whites, yellows, and tans, with a hint of green.  We’d also recommend a sky-blue background for such decorations to represent the sky.

We have another floral sign template made based on this colour scheme, and it’s nicely tasteful – not as over-the-top as a rose-themed wedding can be.

3 – A Green Wedding for Renewal

Of course, spring doesn’t only mean flowers – it means the blooming of all things green as well!  A wedding with green decor might not be the most obvious first choice, but it’s a nice colour scheme if you want something a bit more low-key and natural.  It’s also a rare situation where brown becomes a wedding colour since you’d want some nice earthy browns to contrast the green, representing fertile soil or tree trunks.

Best Wedding Backdrops Has All the Colour Options You Want

We create wedding decor in every style and colour imaginable, so you can have the exact wedding of your dreams. Contact us today and let’s talk about bringing your ideas to life!

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