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Design Tips for Custom Wedding Photography Backdrops

December 12, 2016 – One of the hottest new trends in weddings is the use of custom photographic backdrops for either the reception or the ceremony itself.  Custom backdrops are an ideal way to distinguish your wedding from the usual clichés of flowers, ribbons, and drapery.  Since literally anything could be put onto the backdrop, it can be used to create a ceremony that’s just as unique as you are – as well as creating wedding photos unlike any others you’ve seen!

Design Tips for BackdropsEven better, they can be placed almost anywhere as well – behind the head table, off to the sides, or used as a backdrop for the ceremony.  You could give an indoor ceremony an outdoors feel, or take the indoors outdoors. The only limit is your creativity.

That said… there are still some ways to get the best impact from custom backdrops.  We’ve got a few tips if you’re trying to decide on the best look for your wedding.

Five Tips for Picking the Perfect Photographic Wedding Backdrop

  1. Don’t make it too busy.

Keep in mind, beyond adding to the ambiance, the main thing people will do with your backdrops is take pictures with them.  A backdrop which is too busy, with too many separate shapes and colors, will end up distracting from the human figures in front of it.  It’s even possible to make a background which “swallows” the photographic subjects, making it hard to distinguish them from the visual clutter.

So, when in doubt, keep it somewhat simple.

  1. Borders define the space.

Another great tip for creating a wedding backdrop is to give it some borders which are distinct from the rest of it.  These serve two purposes.  First, they define the overall area of the border.  They also give people something to work with, when framing photographs and selfies.  Depending on their desires, they can have no border, partial borders, or full borders visible in the picture. Borders add to the photographic possibilities.

  1. Wording goes on the sides or top.

Words, such as favorite quotes or phrases, can be an excellent addition to backdrops – but like borders, they should be on the sides or top.  Too many words on the interior can easily make the backdrop cluttered, plus then the words get cut off when people stand in front of them.

  1. Use complimentary colors.

This is a basic tip, but worth keeping in mind: the colors on your backdrop should always complement the overall decor theme of your wedding or reception space.  A backdrop which clashes can distract, or even become an eyesore.

  1. Have a clear idea what you want.

When hiring a graphic designer to put your backdrop together, have a good idea going in what you want your backdrop to look like.  They’ll offer ideas, but if you don’t really know what you want, the result could be an expensive trial-and-error process.

Best Wedding Backdrops Create a Truly Individualistic Wedding

Photographic backdrops are a creative and affordable way to spice up any wedding or reception, and they’re available in a wide variety of sizes. Contact Best Wedding Backdrops to talk about the possibilities!

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