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Backdrops for Weddings Aren’t ONLY for Weddings!

Occasionally, we get a call from a customer asking if our backdrops for weddings are available for other events.  And the answer is, of course, they are!  Weddings are the main focus of our business, but we’ll happily rent out any of our rental backdrops – or create custom work – for any situation where you might want a backdrop.

After all, our other business is creating trade show display graphics.  We have decades of experience creating backdrops and decor for a wide variety of occasions!  Our backdrops for weddings can be repurposed for plenty of other uses.

Three Non-Wedding Situations Where Backdrops for Weddings Are Still A Great Choice

1 – Spring lawn parties

Whether it’s for Easter or just to celebrate the coming of warmer weather, backdrops could be a great choice for a spring lawn party.  With proper anchoring, a flowery backdrop wouldn’t just add to the experience – it could be useful as well, such as for creating a barrier between your party and a nearby road.  Or for covering up any other unsightly view that might interfere with the mood.

2 – Office parties

Not every office party can afford to rent out a restaurant or dance hall, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on decor.  A backdrop or two can quickly change the entire atmosphere within an office and prevent the party from feeling like another day at work.  Don’t forget, we can also create head table backdrops which are 36 feet long -or more- so there’s an option to fit even large offices.

3 – Coming-of-age celebrations

Is there a major milestone coming up in the life of a younger family member, such as a bar mitzvah or quinceañera?  A backdrop is a great way to make the event feel more special.  This would be a good time to use our custom backdrop creation services, like making a photo montage of the guest of honor.  Of course, they could be used for “regular” birthday parties as well, but why not go all out when it’s a particularly special birthday?

We Can Serve All Your Decor Needs

Between the facilities at our Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs and Best Displays locations, we can create custom backdrops and other decor that’s perfect for any situation or celebration!  If you’ve got a party coming up, contact us today to talk about your backdrop options.

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