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Add ‘Wow!’ Factor to Your Wedding Reception with Unique Wedding Reception Decorations in Canada

November 14 2016 – With so many wedding reception decorations in Canada to choose from, you want the ones which won’t merely look right for your wedding – you want the ones that will look amazing! 

Weddings today can go so far beyond the standard look which was used throughout the 20th century, with drapery and flowers everywhere. There’s a huge range of options for wedding reception decorations in Canada, and they allow you to add true “Wow!” factor to your wedding – creating an event you and your guests will never forget.

With Best Wedding Backdrops by your side, you can create a wholly unique look for your wedding that stands out.

Exploring Your Options in Unique Wedding Reception Decorations

Floor Decals

floor-decal-8x8There’s no reason your dance floor has to be stuck with whatever flooring is in the building. Floor decals can come in a wide range of sizes, from 2’x2′ to 10’x10′ or even larger, and instantly transform the floor into something special. Pick a pattern, or design a customized logo that says what your wedding is all about.

Our floor decals are laminated to ensure plenty of hours of use, while still being safe and easy to walk or dance on.

Custom Signage

wedding-signageThere’s so much you can do with signage to make your wedding reception sing. You can use signs to point out important features, like the sweets\dessert table, while designing them to match the actual theme of the sweets tray. Create large stand-up signs that complement your decor and add messaging to your reception photos. Point the way to the dance floor or buffet in style.

Signs aren’t merely useful – they can be practical and beautiful!

Photo Booths

Weddings are all about creating memories, and that goes for both you and your guests.  A photo booth can be an amazing addition to a wedding reception, as well as being a lot of fun for everyone involved. You can choose the backdrop(s) and props available, and guests get free prints – or just have them put onto a USB stick for later uploading. 

If your wedding has a specific theme, a photo booth is a great way to get everyone in on it.

Selfie Stations

Don’t want to rent a photo booth?  You can still create opportunities for amazing guest pictures by putting together a combination of backdrops and signs, designed for taking selfies. After all, everyone’s going to have cell phones – so give folks an excuse to use them!

Another great option here is to create custom cut-outs to go along with your signage and backdrops, which give your guests loads of different options in pictures to take. It can help you build the hottest wedding on Instagram.

Head Table Backdrops

vintage-frames-backdrop-head-tableWedding reception decorations in Canada are changing a lot today, and head tables no longer “have” to be done up in nothing but drapery or flowers. The right backdrop for your head table creates an entirely new mood for the reception, and you can choose whatever you want it to be. 

Create the illusion of an outdoor landscape, or craft a beautiful moonlit night. Give the backdrop a twist based on your favorite design styles, like deco or rococo. Add your favorite quotations above your seats, framing every picture taken from the audience. 

The options are nearly endless when creating a custom backdrop.

Best Wedding Displays Brings You Great Wedding Options

No matter your dream for your wedding, Best Wedding Displays can make it happen.  Our experienced designers would love to work with you to make those dreams come true. Contact us today for a quote and more information!

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