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A Guide to the Placement of a Wedding Floor Decal

December 20, 2016 – If your wedding or reception is being held someplace with a big blank floor, there are few pieces of decor you can add to your wedding that do more to ‘complete the look’ than floor decals!  Made of vinyl and custom-printed to say or look like whatever you want, vinyl decals come in plenty of sizes and work with nearly any flooring type.

Wedding Floor DecalEven better, they’re dead simple to use.  They’re basically no different than sticking stickers in a scrapbook – just a lot bigger.  So, you don’t need any special help or tools putting them in place, then they peel off instantly afterwards without harming the flooring underneath.

Whether you’re using one big decal or several smaller ones, we’ve got some ideas to get the most from floor decals.

How to Use Floor Decals to Add Extra Personality to Your Wedding Ceremony or Reception

Pick the right floors

While floor decals work great on most surfaces, there are a couple exceptions.  They’re not very effective on carpeting, and using them with uneven wooden floors is a bad idea because they can disguise tripping hazards without eliminating them.  Using your own carpets or throw-rugs with these floor types is a better idea if they need dressing up.

Renting a venue?  Check with the owners before buying decals

Even through floor decals with “low-tac” adhesive are safe for nearly any flat non-carpeted floor type, venue owners can still be very picky about what goes on their floors – particularly if it’s someplace like a gymnasium which has other uses during the day.  Be sure to verify beforehand that they’ll allow you to use decals.

Decide on locations

Look at the spaces you’ll be using ahead of time, such as the dance floor, cocktail space, reception area, and ceremony space.  Which have floors most in need of sprucing up?  You probably don’t want to absolutely cover all your floors in decals (unless you’re deliberately going for a “scrapbook” look) so pick the spaces where they’ll have the most effect.

Think about usage

If you’re wanting to use your floor decals primarily as decoration, and to look great in pictures, it’s generally best to place them in the ceremony space or on the dance floor.

However, floor decals have other uses too!  They can be used like signage, to guide visitors around the space without distracting stand-up signs.  In this case, they work best near entry areas, or around common areas which guests are likely to want to visit such as the bar or cocktail space.  You could even unobtrusively mark the way to the restrooms, if they’re out of the way or hard to spot.

Top-Quality Custom Floor Decals Made Simple

At Best Wedding Backdrops, we have our own in-house printing facilities capable of producing custom decals anywhere from 2’x2′ to 10’x10′.  Custom sizes are also an option. We can print the decal based on graphic materials you give us, or work with you to find the perfect design to fit your wedding!

Contact us today to learn more about your many options in great vinyl floor decals.

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