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Photo Booth Ideas

5 Great Wedding Photobooth Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Wedding photobooths are huge right now, and it’s little wonder why.  People love taking pictures – and mostly of themselves.  At a wedding, it can be downright distracting (or even dangerous) to have half the guests running around with selfie sticks, so wedding photobooths give them a great alternative.

Plus, photobooths are a lot of fun, and open loads of opportunities for creativity.  They also give the wedding planners a bit more say in how and where pictures are taken, which is helpful for planning the event as a whole.

If you’re going to include a photobooth, anything you can do to spice it up will make it even more popular with your guests.  So, we wanted to share some of our favorite wedding photobooth ideas for making them a hit attraction at your reception!

Five Awesome Wedding Photobooth Ideas to Consider

  1. Themed Props

When you get a rented photobooth, you can almost always get selections of props to accompany the booth and make it more fun.  Try to select props which go with the theme of your wedding.  Besides fitting in better with the décor, it’ll help ensure all the photos produced of your wedding are all on-theme as well.  That can help a lot when assembling collections of photos for social media or scrapbooks.

  1. Add Class with A Red Carpet

Red carpets are one of the oldest signs of royalty, celebrity, and class.  Use of red carpets for VIPs literally goes back over 2,500 years to the ancient Greeks!  You could carry on this tradition and make your photobooth something special by adding your own red carpet and accompanying stanchions leading up to the booth.  It’ll also make it an unmissable part of your overall wedding layout.

  1. Sharing Stations

Rented photobooths allow guests unlimited access to their pictures after the event from an online album, but what if they want to share them immediately?  A sharing station makes this possible, taking the pictures directly from the photobooth and allowing guests to instantly send them to most popular social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.  It’s fun, it’s fast, and it helps make your wedding a success both online and offline!

  1. Animated GIF Upgrades

Normal photobooths only take single-frame static photos, but by upgrading to a booth that supports animated GIFs, you could take your wedding snaps to a whole new level.  It adds an entirely new level of fun along with loads of creative options.  Your guests will love it – particularly if the booth happens to be near the bar.

  1. Custom Backdrops

You get a plain white backdrop with a rented photobooth, but why stop there?  With Best Wedding Backdrops at your side, anything you imagine could be turned into a backdrop!  We’d love to work with you to make highly-creative photobooth pics happen.

Do you have your own wedding photobooth ideas?  Chances are, we can make it happen! Contact us to tell us all about them!


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