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5 Great Ideas for Personalizing Your Wedding Backdrop

February 2. 2017 – When it comes to wedding decorations, few can have more impact on the reception, ceremony, and the pictures and videos that come from them than a great wedding backdrop.  Big, dramatic, and truly scene-setting, a backdrop can quickly make an ordinary wedding into something extraordinary.

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Another great aspect to backdrops is that you have so many options in size, material, and graphic design.  There are backdrops to suit any wedding of any size, and you can make them even better by making sure they’re fully personalized for your wedding.  Putting a little thought into the backdrop and what’s on it can go a long way towards making it the design centerpiece of either the reception or the ceremony itself.

Making A Wedding Backdrop That’s Uniquely Yours

  1. Put your names on it.

Nothing says “personalized” like having the bride and groom’s names on something, and the same goes for the backdrop as well.  In fact, since a custom-printed backdrop can have anything on it, you could truly make it a signature piece by having your own handwriting transferred onto it.  Or, just add your initials, if you want the signature to be a bit more minimalistic. 

  1. Add the date and location.

This is another great little detail to add onto the backdrop somewhere.  It immediately marks the particulars of the event, and makes sure that they’re remembered even if the person taking the picture forgets to properly tag it.  This might be a prominent part of the backdrop, or a detail added to the sides. Either way, it helps ensure the backdrop is all about one single special occasion.

  1. Match your colors.

It’s generally a good idea to design on your overall wedding theme first, then select a backdrop to match.  That way you can ensure the colors of the backdrop fit in with the wedding’s design without clashing.  Or, pick a relatively neutral backdrop -such as a “starry sky” design- which would fit in with just about any setting.

  1. Carry through your wedding’s theme.

While it’s certainly a standout design element, your wedding or head table backdrop should still fit into any theme you’ve picked for the wedding.  The more you can make it an integral part of your designs, theme, or “big picture” idea for the wedding, the more it’ll be worth the money.

  1. Include custom vows.

Are you planning on using your own vows?  Put them on the backdrop as a framing device!  There are few better ways to show off the eternity of your union than being pictured beneath or within the vows you’ve chosen for your ceremony.

Great Backdrops for Weddings from Design Experts

Best Wedding Backdrops has years of experience in graphic design and custom large-scale printing, using our very own facilities.  We can be your one-stop-shop for backdrops and other printed design elements of your wedding, with a full crew of experts ready to add their insights.

Contact us today to learn more about how Best Wedding Backdrops can make your wedding amazing!

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