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3 Options That Make Backdrops Affordable for Weddings of Any Size

January 31, 2017 – People don’t need a Princess’s budget to have a wedding that makes them feel like royalty!

Even if you’re planning a smaller or more intimate wedding, you can still make smart decorative choices that minimize expense while maximizing impact.  Decorations that look great in pictures and video can create the impression of a wedding that’s a lot bigger than it might have otherwise been.

backdrops affordable for weddings

Few decorations can make a bigger impact than wedding backdrops, which set the scene and beg for cameras’ attention.   The largest and most customized backdrops can be too expensive for some weddings, but there are still plenty of ways to make them affordable.

Ways to Make Backdrops Part of Any Wedding 0r Reception

  1. Rent!

Why pay to buy a large piece of custom scenery you’re only going to use once?  A good wedding backdrop provider is going to have a large “library” of existing backdrops that can be rented for a day or two, and cost far less money than having a custom backdrop designed and printed. They’re kept in good condition, and no one would be able to tell them apart from a custom-ordered backdrop.

  1. Don’t buy a backdrop that’s bigger than you need.

Obviously, the price of a backdrop goes up as its size goes up, and often by a large degree.  Honestly, take it from us – 8 feet is more than enough for nearly all weddings.  It’s not necessary for the backdrop to go all the way to the ceiling, or anything like that.

Remember, people photographing your wedding are going to want to compose shots that look good, so they aren’t likely to let the edges of the backdrop show no matter how big or small it is.

  1. Use step-and-repeat backdrops.

Step-and-repeat backdrop patterns are tiled, like backdrops at awards ceremonies which repeat the ceremony’s logo.  These require significantly less graphic design, and are a bit easier to produce as well, so they’re less expensive than using large-scale graphics that cover the entire backdrop.  A step-and-repeat pattern of hearts, flowers, rings, geometric patterns, or similar designs can still look great, but save you a lot of money on production. 

Get Your Wedding Backdrop from Public Display Experts

Best Wedding Backdrops may be a new name, but we’re an established company.  We have decades of experience producing backdrops and other custom display materials for public exhibitions, trade shows, and similar events.  Now we’re taking that public display experience and bringing it to your wedding!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or the sky’s the limit, we can work with you to find the perfect backdrops and decorations to make your wedding exceptional. Contact us today to learn more!

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